JAMES serves as the lead photographer & web designer for Mitten Studios. With an eye for perfection, he helps lead the studio to new heights. James has a passion for technical aesthetics, contemporary art and timeless photography. His passion for photography grew while collaborating with some of the industry’s top photographers from around the country.

James attributes his unique style to his formal education which included: numerous workshops, traditional photography courses, and Adobe Creative Suite training. You can often find James educating himself about the latest lighting techniques and photographic equipment.

With his meticulous attention to detail, James never leaves one pixel untouched while editing. As an avid follower of technology, James incorporates industry-leading equipment to ensure the highest quality results while exceeding your expectations.

He is inspired by the likes of photographers Joey Wright, Jose Luis, and Josh Ryan.

Outside of individual portrait sessions, James utilizes a vast network of skilled photographers that often assist him to bring an extra touch of creativity. Collaboration is key for large-scale weddings and events which helps the day go by more smoothly. Having an additional eye provides for a different artistic look and ensures that every beautiful angle is captured. James and his team pride themselves on never missing a memorable moment. Together, they are able to create even more lasting memories for their clients.